ceradia creping blades

Clouth Sprenger LLC supplies the latest and leading technology in CERAMIC CREPING BLADES for use in the manufacture of all tissue grades.

The Clouth Sprenger Ceradia range of creping blades is designed to provide the ideal cost : performance ratio of any advanced ceramic creping blade and has proven to be the most reliable solution for many of the World’s leading tissue producers.

Ceradia creping blades have become a key component in many of the highest specification tissue products manufactured today, addressing traditional concerns around creping blade durability and effective blade lifetime whilst enabling the finished product to achieve outstanding bulk and softness qualities within the product ranges produced.

The highly professional and experienced Clouth Sprenger team of tissue industry professionals ensures that ceramic creping blade products are specified accurately and appropriately to the tissue maker’s grade specific requirements with consideration for the tissue machine conditions and other on-machine parameters and the tissue makers’ objectives.

Clouth Sprenger Ceradia creping blades: a new solution for modern tissue manufacturers. Raising your Quality; Meeting your Expectations to exceed Your Customer’s Expectations®.

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